What I Believe

We live in a technologically advanced yet socially isolated society. Our world is built for speed and efficiency, but it comes at a price. As we rush through our days we lose time for what is precious. When we reach out for assistance or professional help, we face roadblock after roadblock and call backs are becoming increasingly rare.

Important decisions about our health, education, and employment are often made by others and based on numbers and dollars, not our individual needs, circumstances or lifestyle. Our private lives pass through the hands of faceless personnel where we receive no information about their levels of training or knowledge.

Perhaps nowhere is this truer than in psychology and psychotherapy. The intrusions of insurance providers and their ever-diminishing standards of quality care have lead Dr. Richard Raubolt to develop his practice in a much different fashion.

The patients who see Dr. Raubolt want to be listened to attentively, with understanding, kindness and without judgment. They don’t want a psychiatric diagnosis of “mental illness” that could jeopardize future job choices or insurance coverage. Successful in most life endeavors, they don’t want to be rushed or told how to live their lives. None of us really do when we have choices. That’s why Dr. Raubolt provides concierge psychology, where individuality is reinstated in the consulting room.

Concierge psychology offers uniquely personalized psychotherapy and coaching that is also flexible and discreet. Since interference from insurance companies is mitigated confidentiality is enhanced. In order to create such accessible individualized treatment the number of people seen is kept intentionally small. In concierge psychology, the emphasis is on quality over quantity.


The great care, depth, and communicational skill with which Dr. Raubolt helped me to better understand myself and navigate personal struggles was remarkable and life-changing.  I am a physician and found working with Dr. Raubolt to be always intellectually stimulating, revealing, empowering, and healing.  He would masterfully help guide me through challenging issues and as a result I grew immeasurably.  He is the most influential clinical psychologist I have ever worked with.

K.L.Grand Rapids, MI

Dr. Raubolt is a master of his craft. I needed listening without judgment and counsel without expectation, and I found both in the contemplative space of his office. His thorough study and understanding of trauma was a necessary, ever-illuminating guide in navigating the darkest chapter of my life.

T.D.St. Ignace, MI

Seeking counseling from Dr. Richard Raubolt first began as the way for our family business to succeed without harming family relationships. But over the years we realized his skills could also be invaluable for many of our employees. Because personal issues at home and issues that block high performance affect a business’s bottom line, we began offering Dr. Raubolt’s services to our employees. The results were dramatic.

R.D.Holland, MI