Art as Medicine

Using indigenous artifacts, cast-off objects and various forms of detritus the art of Heidelberg reflects, mirrors and gives back to the community earlier representations of their world.

Preface to Portuguese Edition of Theaters of Trauma (Cenarios Psicanaliticos de Trauma)

The following is a beautiful preface to Theaters of Trauma (Cenarios Psicanaliticos de Trauma) written by Psychologist Maria João Saraiva.  Enjoy!

Detroit: Living in Between Official Trailer

"Raubolt sees Detroit not as an emblem of American decay, but as a metaphor for change, which lifts Living in Between from documentary to allegory."

Language of the Heart

Our hearts speak to us although we do not always recognize the language so we do the best we can to construct meaning with words.

Detroit: Living Between

By way of brief introduction–I am a psychoanalytic psychologist who grew up in the Downriver area and who has remained enthralled with Detroit ever since.

Book Excerpt: Weightlessness Part 1

Ceely, a large twenty-four year old woman with deep ebony eyes and circles to match had inflated herself in proportion to the beatings she had suffered.

Book Excerpt: Weightlessness Part 2

The real work of Ceely’s therapy could now begin in earnest: writing her own life story without the lies, distortion and misrepresentations she had heard about herself for so many years.

Trauma and Time: Returning to What Was Never Left

What cultures of trauma lead children to murder? What are some of the conditions that make such killing normal, even applauded? What binds victims and murderers in separate yet shared dances of hell?

Heart Attacks and PTSD

Did you know there are an estimated 1.4 million patients each year in the U.S. that suffer heart attacks? Many of us think we know the signs. But do we?

Silent Places, Deep Reflections

It is usual to find nothing but darkness around your mind, or, as it were, a cloud of unknowing. You will know nothing and feel nothing except a simple reaching out to God in the depths of your being.