Life-Changing Psychotherapy

How do you want to make your life better?

Dr. Raubolt helps you distill complex problems and develop creative solutions to move forward with long-term emotional validation, respect and guidance for healing. 

Feel safe and more open to exploring deeper issues from the reflective space of his home office, and find new ways to make you, better.

Distill Complex Problems

Your reasons for seeking therapy are likely a complex web of experiences, perceptions and expectations. They can be overwhelming to even think about, let alone fix yourself.

You’re doing the right thing by seeking professional help.

Dr. Raubolt’s experience can help you find clarity in the complexity. His distinctive approach to understanding your unique personality, issues and goals can create a deeper understanding of the root issues that you may not realize.

Develop Creative Solutions

While psychologists and psychiatrists focus on helping you develop coping skills, the unique skills of a psychoanalyst can help you do much more than that.

Dr. Raubolt helps you find creative solutions to complex problems, allowing you to heal and move forward.

By solving issues, instead of just managing the symptoms, you can truly create the fulfilling life you crave.

“The great care, depth, and communicational skill with which Dr. Raubolt helped me to better understand myself and navigate personal struggles was remarkable and life-changing… as a result, I grew immeasurably. He is the most influential clinical psychologist I have ever worked with.” – K.L.

“I needed listening without judgment and counsel without expectation, and I found both in the contemplative space of his office. His thorough study and understanding of trauma was a necessary, ever-illuminating guide in navigating the darkest chapter of my life.” – T.D.

“Seeking counseling first began as the way for our family business to succeed without harming family relationships… we realized Dr. Raubolt could also be invaluable for many of our employees… we began offering (his) services to our employees. The results were dramatic.” – R.D.

Emotional Support & Guidance

Dr. Raubolt will develop a therapy plan that considers your unique thoughts, feelings and actions.

He will help you to be accountable to that plan, in both your actions and thoughts. It is this longer-term approach to real-life changes that patients say is the biggest factor in their healing.

Lead a Fuller, More Satisfying Life

With a unique approach to distilling complex problems, finding creative solutions and providing on-going support, Dr. Raubolt can help you make life better, in the ways that are most relevant to you.

Overcoming traumatic events, finding peace in life transitions, dealing with illness, or becoming the best professional you can be, are all achievable with the right type of psychotherapy.

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