Stories of Healing

Dr. Raubolt provides psychotherapy for people seeking meaningful, long-lasting life changes.

From the comfort of his home office, you’ll find a safe, relaxing space to explore the deepest parts of your psyche and find new solutions for your darkest issues.

“Dr. Raubolt is a master of his craft. I needed listening without judgment and counsel without expectation, and I found both in the contemplative space of his office. His thorough study and understanding of trauma was a necessary, ever-illuminating guide in navigating the darkest chapter of my life.”

 – T.D., St. Ignace, MI

“The great care, depth, and communicational skill with which Dr. Raubolt helped me to better understand myself and navigate personal struggles was remarkable and life-changing. I am a physician and found working with Dr. Raubolt to be always intellectually stimulating, revealing, empowering, and healing. He would masterfully help guide me through challenging issues and as a result I grew immeasurably. He is the most influential clinical psychologist I have ever worked with.”

– K.L., Grand Rapids MI

“Seeking counseling from Dr. Richard Raubolt first began as the way for our family business to succeed without harming family relationships. But over the years we realized his skills could also be invaluable for many of our employees. Because personal issues at home and issues that block high performance affect a business’s bottom line, we began offering Dr. Raubolt’s services to our employees. The results were dramatic.”

– R.D. Holland MI

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