Psychotherapy Services

Dr. Raubolt helps people overcome issues that limit their full potential. 

Get comfortable in the home-like environment of his office to better understand yourself, and find creative ways to overcome personal roadblocks, improve focus and achieve your goals.

Guidance Through

Life Transitions

For people dealing with a major life transition, the lines can get blurry. Relocating your home, changing or losing a job, getting divorced, or having children go away to college can be incredibly stressful, and make life seem anything but normal.

Dr. Raubolt can help you develop new strategies for dealing with any of life’s toughest transitions.


Trauma & PTSD

Traumatic events, no matter how far back in the past, can shock a person to their core, and change their life in ways they could have never imagined.

Dr. Raubolt is one of the leading experts on trauma, and has even published a book, “Theaters of Pain” to help people around the world deal with many types of traumatic experiences and PTSD.


Panic & Anxiety

When daily life has you anxious and unable to be proactive, or when seemingly normal situations send you into a panic attack, reach out to Dr. Raubolt.

His four decades of experience can help you find creative solutions to a complex web of experiences and perceptions.

Support Through

Death & Illness

When you’re facing a chronic or terminal illness, or the death of a loved one, life can seem simply unbearable.

Use Dr. Raubolt’s wisdom in helping people deal with incredibly difficult situations to find new solutions to improve your mindset, and your life.

Support for


Medical professionals, lawyers, executives and others with demanding jobs often require the highest level of care and confidentiality to deal with unique stressors in their professional and personal lives. Dr. Raubolt offers therapy services tailored to fit the direct needs of each person seeking assistance.

Get out of the daily hustle and talk with Dr. Raubolt in the comforting, reflective space of his home office, or use video chat when your schedule is tight.

Conflict Resolution for

Family Business

If your family business is struggling with conflict resolution, succession planning or other issues that a many family businesses face, Dr. Raubolt can provide counseling.

Find new solutions to create a more productive and cooperative workplace.

Long Distance Therapy Sessions

Dr. Raubolt provides psychotherapy for clients who travel, or will be out of Michigan for a period of time.

Using video chat, he can continue your therapy sessions, from nearly anywhere! Stay on track with your progress, and get further in life, no matter where it takes you.

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