Ten Steps to Ease Out of Panic

Terrifying, disorienting and disruptive feelings can come on without warning. A word, sound, smell or image can trigger disturbing thoughts as well as emotions. Here are 10 steps to helping you ease out of a panic attack.

Must We Always Forgive?

I believe this issue represents a cutting edge concern in our current social, cultural and political landscape. I know I cannot, in a brief paper, address many of the nuances on this fascinating topic. My hope instead is to raise a few questions for reflection and discussion.

Living with Chronic Pain

Living with chronic pain is draining, disturbing, frightening, debilitating and terribly disruptive. Sometimes the injury or ailment is visible like the results of a severe automobile accident or stroke. Frequently there is no apparent "cause" as the pain results from stenosis, immune disorders or fibromyalgia.

Medication vs. Psychotherapy

For far too long “vs.” has designated a combative stance which has interfered with a useful combination of psychotherapy and medication. Medication can be a vital aid, but are not silver bullets and can cause significant problems in therapy.

Tell Me Again, What Does EMDR Mean?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is considered a mind-body approach that focuses on bi-lateral stimulation, which is a fancy way of saying moving the eyes back and forth by following a light bar or experiencing alternating pulses from hand held sensor pads.

Mindfulness in a Mindless World

In a world that has gone so far out of control many are seeking some comfort in practices of certainty. Many want to have some stability, tradition and thereby peace of mind.  Not surprisingly the “good old days” are remembered with relish even if they weren't “so good” at the time. 

Whose Therapy is it Anyway? Recognizing Coercion and Control in Therapy

Recently I have edited and written chapters in the critically acclaimed book Power Games: Influence, Persuasion and Indoctrination in Psychotherapy Training. This book is a description of the structures, methods and applications of dictatorial and authoritarian training many therapists experience.

What’s Love Got to do With It? Recognizing the Seductive Psychotherapist

Psychotherapy is an intimate, private and deeply personal experience. Both therapist and patient/client co-construct, in the common professional parlance of the day, a relationship where unknown or unexpressed desires, conflicts, questions and dreams are explored.

How to Select the Right Therapist For You

There are thousands upon thousands of psychotherapists in this country with over a few hundred in Grand Rapids alone. It is, you might say, a growth business (pun intended) but of course not all therapists are equally well talented, ethical and responsible. Finding someone you can trust to share some of your most frightening, embarrassing and intimate details of your life, is no easy task.